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The Blessings of Fasting


 The Life-Changing Blessings of the Double-Fast & Double Feast

       What is a double Fast? … And what is a double feast? We are going to find out and as we embrace these truths, we will be propelled into a new place in God and even in physical health. So read on!


    First of all is it God’s will for all of us to fast?   "The days will come,” said Jesus, “when the bridegroom (Jesus) shall be taken away from them, and then shall they fast (Matt. 9:15)."  Jesus also stated in Matthew 17:21, "Howbeit this kind goeth not out but by prayer and fasting."

       To see our prayers answered more often and more quickly, and to see great miracles, we need to be fasting Chrisians. Fasting was part of St. Paul’s life and that of the early church. Let’s make it part of ours.


2. Because your blessings from fasting will be outstanding as the word promises in Isaiah 58:6‑12:

(1) Fasting helps to break every yoke‑‑such as sickness, poverty, depression, oppression, and wickedness, in your life and in the lives of others as you minister to them or intercede for them.

(2) Your faith will be increased and so will your power in God.

(3) Your health will spring forth speedily through the cleansing of your body through fasting, and through your increased faith.

(4) The anointing will increase in your life.

(5) It will be easier to go deeper in prayer, to hear the voice of God, and to have visions.

(6) Your prayers will be answered more quickly‑‑"and thou shall call and the Lord shall answer (Isaiah 58:9).”

3. The combination of the double-fast and prayer increases our prayer power immensely.


What is fasting? And what is the “double-fast?

(1) Fasting is going without food (but usually drinking water or other liquids) usually for at least 24 hours, missing all three meals. . . Fasting should be a way of life, fasting at least one day a week with many longer fasts of three days or more. This is excellent for your health, and your spiritual life.     

(2) A liquid fast can include most liquids, such as water, fruit or juices (It is best to avoid soft drinks, coffee, & no milk shakes!). A liquid fast is probably the best type of fast because it is easier and you will be encouraged to fast more often.

(3) A total fast includes missing water (and should be no more than three days). Ninety to one hundred per cent of your fasting should include water and other liquids.

(4) A partial fast would be:

a. Missing one or two meals a day, or

b. Eating only fruit or uncooked vegetables for one day or more. Or it could be fasting from

(5) A media fast would be no  TV, internet, most cell phone calls, or texting.


       How do you break a fast? Don't overeat. Avoid sugar products, bread, and pasta the first day or two after breaking your fast. Eat mostly fruit and vegetables the first few days after a long fast. The longer the fast the more gradual, the slower, you should break it.


The double-fast includes fasting from: (Provides 18:21 etc.)

Criticism, faultfinding, grumbling and complaining and substituting a lifestyle of thanksgiving, praise and worship by meditating on His promises, His word.


      Make fasting a way of life. It will be life-changing for you AND for your family!!!


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The double-fast includes fasting from:

Criticism, faultfinding, grumbling and complaining and substituting a lifestyle of thanksgiving, praise and worship by meditating on His promises, His word.