Free from the Past

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Free from the Past


Chapter 1: Inner Healing: What is it?

Chapter 2: Inner Healing: Who needs it?

Chapter 3: The Baptism in the Holy Spirit and Inner Healing

Chapter 4: Inner Healing through Self-Travail

Chapter 5: Inner Healing through Holy Laughter

Chapter 6: Inner Healing Through Forgiveness of Others, Oneself, and God

Chapter 7: Breaking the Power of Generational Iniquity

Chapter 8: Breaking the Power of Destructive Inner Vows

Chapter 9: Negative Soul Ties, Idolatry and Fragmentation

Chapter 10: The Renewed and Mind and Inner Healing

Chapter 11: Easy Steps to Life-Transforming Inner Healing (and Deliverance)

Chapter 12: How to Receive the Baptism in the Holy Spirit