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The Sabbath Principle


           Jack Hayford in his excellent pamphlet, “The Sabbath,” states that God is saying to us, “You can’t live without a Sabbath. You can’t survive effectively in this portion of My creation called Earth unless you observe a day set apart. You need the rest, you need the change, and you need the transformation that comes about because of it.”


     The Lord has been revealing to the Body of Christ that NONE OF US will ever get done what needs to be done in quantity or quality without fully implementing the Sabbath principle into our week and into our daily lives.  Usually the weekly Sabbath should be on a day other than Sunday since that is such a busy day in so many people’s lives, but for some it will be the best day. Mine is not always the same day. For many it is best to set a definite day each week.


      We need to spend more time with the Lord, and then He will multiply our time, and accomplishments in various ways, including financially. We will hear his voice more clearly and there will be a transformation of our perspective as we begin to see reality through His eyes. A rest, a peace, and a new freedom from stress will come into our lives.


     Scriptural, though it is, it takes a revelation from the Lord, and the help of the Holy Spirit to implement this truth deeply into our lives. Satan will fight it with everything he has, but let's take up this anointed challenge and enter into that Sabbath rest. We will forever be thankful.


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