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Pleading the Blood


Pleading the Blood of Jesus, the Key to Protecting Us and Our Family
We Are in a Blood Covenant with God

“And they overcame him by the Blood of the Lamb and because of the Word of their testimony and they loved not their life even unto death (Rev. 12:11).”

    1.  Pleading the Blood of Jesus means to appropriate, apply, declare, proclaim, and put our trust in the Blood Covenant, in the completed work of His shed Blood. 

         It is a legal term and means to stand on the rights that are ours “legally” through the shed blood of Jesus. God has included us in a Blood Covenant which He made with His Son, Jesus. His part was total obedience, including His death on the cross.

 2.  Our part in the covenant is to be 100% obedient to God, including leading a life free of sinful habits, including, unforgiveness, sexual sins, grumbling and complaining, criticizing, negative speaking, and for dishonoring our mother, father or our marriage partner.

        3. And we must be sure we are keeping an important part of the covenant—that we are not robbing God—but are paying our tithes and offerings.   “ . . . Ye say, Wherein have we robbed thee? In tithes and offerings (Malachi 3:8).” God promises us that through paying our tithes the “windows of heaven will be open to us.”

       4. Then let’s listen and be obedient to the voice of God in all of His warnings.

     This Covenant also provides for every other need, including protection from accidents and various attacks of Satan, divine healing, financial needs, healing of relationships, inner healing, deliverance, wisdom, and spiritual eyesight. Wow! Isn't that awesome?  

    As we follow the above steps , we and our loved ones will both be protected from all or serious harm.


Get into the habit of pleading the blood of Jesus every day over your home, your children, their school, your finances—every aspect of life


     Another way is by drawing a blood line around your home, automobile or other property that the devil cannot cross. Draw a blood line around your proper­ty. If you are a business person or other professional, draw a blood line around your business or practice. If you are a teacher, draw a blood line around your school and around your classroom. If you are a plumber or an electrician, you might want to draw a blood line around your truck.

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