- Inner Healing through Laughing and Crying 
How to Keep Your Healing

      How Awesome! You have received the healing Jesus purchased for you on the cross at Calvary through His shed blood. Let’s praise God and rejoice! Thank You. Thank You. Thank You Father God.

       Will the devil try to steal your healing? Yes! How? He will begin to bring back pains or other symptoms to make you think you have lost your healing! In Jesus Name you must command them to leave. You must fight to keep your healing. Follow these instructions and you will keep your healing.

        As a powerful faith confession, write down the date you received your healing (usually today or a few days ago) . . . Month         , Day        , 2013. Now do some dancing and rejoicing! These are acts of child-like faith.

       Make a decision that you are not going to lose your healing! Then review these instructions three times a day for seven days, follow them and you will keep your healing!

1. During the next 24 hours, thank God 25 times for healing you! With excitement declare (loudly), "Jesus, I am healed and delivered through your shed blood. I am healed, I am healed! . . . And I thank you, I thank you, I thank you for my healing. Thank you Jesus." Keep thanking him until the pains or other symptoms never return, which may be a few days, weeks, or longer!

2. In the name of Jesus, yes, command any returning pains (or other symptoms) to go, to go, to go. Take authority over Satan’s efforts to bring your pains back. Jesus took your sickness on the cross. He loves you! You are healed! Don't let any of the pain stay. Fight the "good fight of faith." The pains may briefly return many times—a few days, weeks, or even for a month or two. Eventually the pains or other symptoms will NEVER return. Why? Because you have defeated the devil with the spoken Word of God, and successfully received your “purchased” healing.” The Lord is so happy for you!

3. Testify to at least three people, telling them in detail with excitement the healing miracle God has given you. He is wonderful.  Jesus is mighty. He is our Savior, our healer, and our deliverer. By His stripes YOU are healed! Email or write us about your healing. 

 4. ***Email me one time at just one time about Jesus healing you. This will help you greatly in keeping your healing. Just one email!!!


     Repent for the sins of unforgiveness, lustful thoughts, words, or actions, also for unbelief, grumbling, complaining, criticizing others, dishonoring your parents or marriage partner. It is God’s command that we accept and love ourselves! Repent for the sin of self-hatred or self-rejection.   The above “sins” will enable Satan to put sickness or oppression on you! Also have a daily quiet time with God. Seek intimacy with Him. Keep speaking words of life, words of faith—His Word. It will change your life!

       Also, read out loud the following scriptures and keep praising God that you are already healed.  Do this until all the symptoms leave permanently. It could be one week, one month or even longer, but you are healed and your symptoms will be gone permanently. Keep “fighting.”

     I Peter 2:24. "Who his own self bare our sins in his own body on the tree, that we, being dead to sins, should live unto righteousness: by whose stripes ye were healed. . . “Then declare, "By whose stripes, I was and am healed". Do this over and over again. Also declare Psalms 103:3. “Who forgiveth all (my) thine iniquities; who healeth all (my) thy diseases.”    Remember. You must fight to keep your healing! .And don’t forget that one email. Yes, it is that important in keeping your healing.


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